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March Monthly Payment status March 25th, 2017
We already processed all monthly payment for march. I also want to remind you all that $1 in your account is BTC 0.00000100 or 100 satoshi. PLEASE NOTE THAT. I also want to thank Cli1 jantje87 RizwanMalik Aarez786 and simonseu for upgrading and advertising on our site.
February Monthly Payment March 02nd, 2017
We have paid all pending monthly payment. check the proof here . We also want to thank eertea
Paid Monthly Payment for Jan 2017 February 02nd, 2017
We have just released all monthly payment for January 2017. You can see more information on our forum : . We also want to give a special thanks vugrol9 for upgrading and also advertising on our site.
Pending Monthly Payment for January January 26th, 2017
All Pending Monthly Payment Request will be paid on 31/1/2017 upto 3/2/2017 if we have any problem but it is expected to be fast. Special Thanks to jantje87 for making purchase from our store we also added some bonus to your account.
I am back! January 10th, 2017
I forgot to inform to all my fellow C2R member that I was unavailable from 30/12/2016 to 9/1/2017. All pending daily payments have been paid. Sorry for delay. Thank you. Special Thanks to nikocherov for upgrading to Super Premium Membership. :D
Monthly Payment Update December 30th, 2016
So I finally figured out what is wrong. See forum for December payment proof. You can request monthly payment as usual again. Special Thanks to Thuyhoang for upgrading to Premium Membership
Monthly Payment Disappear for sometime December 27th, 2016
Hello I am disabling Monthly Payment for sometime because I have made some mistake in making previous monthly payment. Please wait at least until 29/12/2016. Thank you and sorry for this inconvenient. Direct Payment can go on as usual.
Merry Christmas to all Clix2Reach member December 26th, 2016
We want to thank all Clix2Reach member that stay with us all the time. We wish you to have a good day and the best of luck. Special Thanks to ninadjank for making purchase on our site.
Pending Monthly Payment from November December 01st, 2016
We are so glad to announce that all pending BitcoinMonthly request has been paid today. See our forum for more information.
Special 1000 members contest! Rare ad link! November 27th, 2016
In order to celebrate 1000 members we hold a Rare AdLink Contest. You read more about it here : . We also want to thank buikhanh and friendshub48 for upgrading to Premium Member. :D
November Monthly Payment November 16th, 2016
All pending BitcoinMonthly will be paid on 30/11/2016. All at once while BitcoinDirect will be paid everyday.
Paytoshi is closing. November 10th, 2016
You can still withdraw at minimum of 500 satoshi with Bitcoin Monthly. All payment will be sent on monthly basis. Bitcoin Direct will be paid daily. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED TO READ THIS.
Do not use Paytoshi if you dont understand how it works November 09th, 2016
I have warned you for not using Paytoshi as your withdraw method if you dont understand how it really works as you must accumulate 6000 satoshi to receive all satoshi you have withdrawn previously with Paytoshi. If you contact us asking about not receiving payment when you are using Paytoshi. We have the right for not giving response. Plus some of you are using bad words on us. We will not hesitate to ban your account permanently. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
New Payment Rules November 03rd, 2016
We want to announce our new Payment Rules. Only 5 of Non-Premium members request will be processed per day. For Premium member Payment will be sent daily. We also want to thank pribarito and susi1 for purchasing Premium membership. Your purchase help this site to keep alive.
Please help by purchasing October 24th, 2016
Hello all members of Clix2Reach. I want tell you that Clix2Reach get money to pay member from ads and it is very small and not enough if we plan to keep this site going. If you guys want to help please help us by upgrading to Premium or buy something from the STORE to help us keep going. Every single purchase from you meant a lot for us. Thank you.
Misconfig on PHP September 29th, 2016
Hello site is down yesterday because I have misconfigure the PHP settings. Everything is back to normal now! :D
Please read this! September 18th, 2016
Hello everyone prior to this day our site has turned into Bitcoin Paid to Click website. $1 = 100 satoshi!! $1 is not 1 dollar!! $ here means bits of bitcoin!! Your earning will increase significantly. check here
Payment Processed today! September 14th, 2016
Hello all pending payment before had been processed. There are no more pending payment right now. Please note that your payment process might take up to 7 days. Thank you.
High Valued Ads August 29th, 2016
Hello all members we have increased our ad click rates so you can enjoy more earning at our sites. You can check our rates right now.
Faster Click Contest August 23rd, 2016
Hello we change our previous click contest term from weekly to daily. We take 50 top clicker and reward them everyday Reward may vary from day to day. Thank you
Weekly Click Contest August 19th, 2016
Hello everyone, We are running click contest every week top 20 clicker will be rewarded with $0.001. Happy Earning Thank you.
Phising site error fixed August 17th, 2016
Hello all members I am glad to announce that the phising/deceptive site error has been fixed. You can access this site as usual. Thank you.
Phising site error August 16th, 2016
Hello all members only a few days after our launch and now we are facing small problem here as you can see if you just visited this site there will be a warning saying this site is phising or deceptive. We are not phising/deceptive site those error comes from bad banner ad code that we put on our site but now they are removed and we already requested a review from google. Soon this phising/deceptive warning will be removed and you can visit the site as easy as before. rnPS: Actually this site is safe now since the bad banner ad code had been removed. Youve got nothing to worry about here. :D
Clix2Reach has launched August 14th, 2016
Clix2Reach is ready for business with you. You can find more information here :
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